Post Slowly Getting Back To Normal

Post 7448 Webmaster - 7/28/2020

Post 7448 is open 6 days a week and has a friendly bar tending staff.  While you are sure to find Veterans in the canteen, we are also open to quests.
If you enjoy video gaming, we have numerous machines that will provide hours of entertainment.  Safety measures have been implemented due to COVID-19.  The games are separated with Plexiglas and  masks are required to play.
The Queen of Hearts drawing is coming back on August 12th.  There will be a drawing every Wednesday at 6 pm.  With 6 payout cards in a new field, your chances of winning at better than the state lottery.  There are 3 payouts at each drawing whether a pay card is selected or not.
Current drink specials include domestic canned beer for $2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We also offer sausage or pepperoni 12" pizzas for $7.
The Post conducts numerous fundraising events throughout the year in support of Veterans and the community.  Examples of events are the local Food Bank, Lake County Honor Flight, and other Veteran services.
Come out and join us.